How the Atrium Inn Increased ADR by 21% Year over Year

Their Problems
  • High digital marketing costs
  • Website difficult to maintain
  • Website not converting
  • Low direct bookings
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Case Study

How the Atrium Inn Went from Frustrated to Delighted with Their Digital Marketing

The Atrium Inn Vancouver is a stylish hotel that takes advantage of its prime location in the gorgeous city of Vancouver.

Tammy White is the Director of Revenue Optimization for Aquilini Properties, which manages the Atrium Inn. Tammy is a tech and marketing savvy woman who knows what she wants for her properties – namely, to improve the performance of Atrium Inn’s online marketing, increase direct bookings and amp up profitability.

The 100-room hotel offers amenities you simply can’t find elsewhere in Vancouver – free breakfast, complimentary WiFi and underground parking. After de-branding and becoming an independent property known as the Atrium Inn, Tammy knew that they needed a better online presence. They needed a strategy website plan, which was focused not on what they thought travel shoppers were searching for, but that was optimized for real keywords that would increase revenue.

The Problem #1: Shoppers Were Searching for Keywords They Hadn’t Considered

The Atrium Inn is close to downtown Vancouver, but it is not quite in the downtown itself. It’s on the edge of Burnaby, BC, and for years, management assumed their guests were coming from keywords like “hotel in Burnaby.” Through a website and traffic audit, Vizlly’s SEO team identified that the majority of their guests were coming for Vancouver, rather than the closer Burnaby. The hotel needed a strategy that could compete with downtown hotels, despite being outside the core.

The Problem #2: Old Website Was Difficult To Maintain And ROI was Low

Tammy’s previous website provider didn’t have a central content management system. This managing online marketing initiatives via a 3rd party took a long time, and  it was expensive. It seemed like every change no matter how significant or ordinary made the cash register ring, especially since their developer charged by the hour!

Keeping up with search algorithm changes (e.g. Google’s 500 – 600 annual updates), swapping out promotional offers and updating social media took considerable iteration, time and money!

We couldn’t make the existing site do what we wanted it to do and make it financially feasible,” Tammy says.

The Solution: An Easy To Use, Cost-Effective Digital Marketing System That Performs

Tammy went through the due diligence of vetting alternative solutions with products from SiteMinder, Booking Suite, TravelClick and Milestone. In the end, Tammy chose Vizlly as a complete digital marketing platform, complete with comprehensive maintenance and SEO service packages.

Using all of the features of her new easy-to-use cloud based hotel digital marketing platform + services, Tammy has 100% control of her online marketing without delays.

Vizlly includes a visually-driven website that converts and is optimized for search engines. Upon upgrading to an SEO service package, they optimized every page of their website to have a conversion focus. Pages targeting local keywords helped them bring in key guest traffic, and additional pages for their restaurant and ancillary services improved the hotels online visibility.

“Our SEO and revenue is always being tracked, and I have someone to ask any questions I may have”

In a world where everything is rapidly being digitized, it’s important to remember that it’s not about the technology per se, but rather about the problems it solves. Tammy’s Success Manager, Courtney Riddell helps solve the Atrium’s problems with a quick phone call, and the technology is continuously adapting.

Increase In ADR

An authentic story, wrapped with rich meaning and visuals, can help you justify a higher price. Consumers are willing to pay more for an experience they can understand and expect. So, if you’d like to get $20+ more per night over last year, tell a better story.
That’s exactly what happened when the Atrium Inn implemented Vizlly + SEO. Once they started showcasing their rooms, unique features and local offers, complemented by stunning visuals, their value increased. And, once they augmented that story with SEO services, they saw a 30% increase in direct room nights sold year over year.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in our ADR. A $15 increase year over year.”

As long time Vizlly customers, Tammy has been able to track and measure continuous, sustained growth. With the monthly SEO report Courtney sends, she can track traffic, direct revenue, and the pages that matter most to visitors. Real data and real information help her team understand what travel shoppers are seeking.

SEO Leads To More Qualified Inquiries

Using SEO best practices, the Atrium Inn has dedicated landing pages for keywords that have been proven to drive more revenue. In addition to a rise in occupancy, in the year since they upgraded to an SEO service package, they have seen an increase in inquiries for group bookings and in traffic to their restaurant.

These focused pages provide travelers with information that OTAs can’t provide, and convince them to convert faster and more efficiently. This includes:

  • A dedicated form to capture group guests
  • F&B mini-site with high-quality photos, menus, and events information
  • Informative meetings & events landing page
  • Easy integration with third-party widgets

These storytelling elements showcase a full picture of everything the hotel has to offer. An increase in traffic has helped the hotel increase revenue by almost 50% year over year.

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Tammy’s new purpose driven website looks great on all devices travel shoppers are using, including smartphones, tablets and desktops. Features like:

  • Compare Room Selections allows guests to choose the perfect room
  • Packages are clearly defined and easily managed on the Offers page
  • 30% more travel shoppers finding the site via SEO
  • Seamless booking engine integration

Compared with other website providers, Tammy’s Vizlly website is easy to manage and easy to change.

The problems facing the Atrium Inn Vancouver are not uncommon: smart hospitality marketers are always looking for opportunities to improve the performance of their digital marketing. Tammy’s decision to use Vizlly has given her the tools she needed to cost-effectively manage her hotel’s digital marketing to reach, engage and convert travel shoppers. She’s happily achieving her revenue targets and keeping her budget in check which in turn, has her bosses smiling!

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