How Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway Increased Direct Bookings by Doubling Organic Traffic & Purchase Intent

Their Problems
  • Website not converting
  • Low search engine ranking
  • Increased competition
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Case Study

How Vizlly Helped Increase Direct Revenue and Establish Partnerships with Local Attractions

Best known for its stunning scenery, ski resorts, and family-friendly attractions, North Conway, New Hampshire is a popular tourist destination for families. The area is famous for its fall foliage, the soaring White Mountains, and outlet shops that take advantage of New Hampshire’s 0% sales tax.

Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway is a family-run operation that caters toward families. Josh Power, Assistant Manager, has been working at the hotel for nearly 20 years, which means he’s an expert on what draws tourists to their hotel. They see many return guests, some of whom have been staying at their hotel for decades.

The Problem

Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway wasn’t looking for a new website. Their site, managed by BookingSuite, brought in a steady, reliable stream of revenue. However, as time passed, the website services weren’t up to par.

Their rank for important search results began to slip, despite being one a Best of Choice Winner or runner up every year since 2014, ranking them as one of the top Choice Hotel properties in the country. An increasingly significant portion of their revenue share was coming from OTAs, which meant the hotel was taking a big hit from commissions.

Meanwhile, a growing number of Airbnb and VRBO listings were popping up in town. As a result, the once reliable website was being outranked on search engines by competitor hotels, OTAs, and vacation rentals for important keywords, including their brand name.

While they weren’t looking to shake things up, the team at Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway decided to shake up their online presence. They needed a new strategy to encourage new customers to book directly.

The Solution

Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway currently ranks #1 on TripAdvisor for hotels in their area and they needed a website that did the same. They purchased Vizlly + SEO in order to build a hotel website that better situates them as the lodging of choice for the area.

The new website was built to help Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway compete with OTAs. Their fast, good-looking website uses SEO best practices to rank for keywords that help them stand out from the competition.

The website also provided a platform for the hotel to leverage partnerships with establishments in the area. The hotel has always had a local focus, and now they could show off their local connections on the website.

Local offers are an essential way for hotels to increase direct bookings because they are exclusive to hotel websites. Travel customers will not be able to find local offers for the full experience that their family is looking for on an OTA.

Coupled with SEO keyword targeting, people looking to visit a nearby partner establishment will more easily find Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway’s website via search engine results.

“We’re just making it a little louder and prouder that we offer these services at the hotel. There wasn’t really a good way to show that or to promote that on the old site.  It’s not just all about our hotel, but also what else is there to do in town.”

The Results

In the first 6 months of launching their Vizlly website, Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway has already doubled their website traffic, made 10x ROI, and maintained 55% purchase intent.

Their Success Manager, Daniel Grant, is on hand to assist with best practices for digital marketing, including leveraging local partnership on their website. Comfort Inn & Suites North Conway has followed up with their successful partnerships, and the site currently boasts discounts and ticket sales for 8 different local attractions including Santa’s Village, Story Land, Pirate’s Cove, and others.

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